Why Stars & Stripes?

Who are the Rocket Twins?

Written by on October 6, 2016.

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In our wonderful World of Know, Tikki and Timbo Rocket are our most famous residents. Why is that? Because they go on many adventures with children just like you! But who are these magical Knowbie twins? Where did they come from?

A Shared Birthday

Back in 1776, the United States declares their independence to become their own nation. Some of the first leaders and important founders of America – John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and others – come together and write a Declaration of Independence, telling Great Britain they want to be free to create something new on this land called America.

Apollo and Betsy Rocket are about to become parents. They are very excited because they would like to have children. Apollo and Betsy have traveled all through the different lands in the World of Know and know about the places outside of our world. The have been talking about this new place called America.

On July 4th, as the strange new land of America is being born, Tikki Betty and Timbo Zane Rocket arrive on the scene. Their parents tell them many stories about the lands outside of the World of Know. They even talk about the new land that was born on the same day as Tikki and Timbo.

“What is this place called, Mama?” Tikki asks, looking at the different people in the America land.

“That place is called America,” Betsy says. “They are new, just like you and your brother. I have named you and Timbo after a young girl who helped the land become what it is.”

“I like their banner,” says Timbo. He is pointing at the flag of America. It is very colorful, with a blue square in the upper left side that has a circle of stars inside, while the rest of the flag is a mix of red and white stripes.

Stars and Stripes

Now, Knowbie friends have many special abilities. One of those is they can choose what color they would like to be. Some Knowbie friends are bright blue, while other Knowbie friends are dark green. There’s even a group of Knowbie friends that are purple and pink polka dot!

Tikki and Timbo wanted to choose their own colors, but they did not know which color to be. There are so many colors and the twins have so many choices.

Suddenly, Tikki has an idea. Closing her eyes, Tikki thinks about what color she would like to be. Timbo watches in confusion and then surprise. His sister is turning blue! But not just blue, a deep rich blue, with stars that appear on her ears, arms, and legs. On her chest appears a bigger blue star with a circle of stars inside.

“Cool!” Timbo shouts. Now he wants to try! “My turn!”

Doing what his sister did, Timbo closes his eyes and thinks. Tikki watches in interest. Timbo begins to turn red before white stripes appear on his arms and legs. Timbo made a copy of the star his sister had on her chest, so that they were the same. Tikki is very happy with their choice. The twins go and find their parents. “Mama! Papa!” they shout. “Look! We decided on our colors!”

Mama and Papa see their children’s colors. “Stars and stripes?” asks Apollo.

“Why did you go with stars and stripes?” Betsy asks.

“It is that new land, America,” Timbo says.

“They are very interesting,” Tikki adds. “We would like to learn more about them. The people there like to learn and are very curious about things.”

“The one man, Mr. Franklin, is an inventor.” Says Timbo. “He has invented many things. I would like to see what other things he comes up with. And he wears these funny looking goggles on his face!”

“Those are called glasses,” Tikki says, shaking her head.

“And we liked their banner,” her twin continued. “It is very colorful.”

Traveling from the World of Know

From then on, Tikki and Timbo would travel to this new land, helping boys and girls like you learn more about other lands and worlds. Using another of their magical Know abilities, the twins were able to shrink down to toy size. This allows them to reveal themselves to their friends whenever they have questions.

One day, they are given to a little boy named Duncan. Duncan has many questions about what he sees in the sky. There is a big ball of light during the day, but then it changes to a big ball of light at night. He does not what these balls of light are. His mommy tells him about a special day tomorrow. This special day is when three men will travel to the moon. Duncan does not know what the moon is and why these three men are going there.

That night, Tikki and Timbo came alive and take Duncan on a magical journey through outer space!

Duncan begins to grow older, but he still keeps his Rocket twin friends. Then one day, Duncan’s own son has the same questions Duncan did. So Duncan gives the Rocket twins to his son Mitchell. With every child, the Rocket twins meet new friends and take them on even more adventures until they are given to a new friend named Rikki. Tikki and Timbo had many adventures with Rikki’s mommy when she was a little girl and now, Rikki, Tikki, and Timbo are traveling through the universe to learn more about it.