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Launch your child’s imagination. Our book series was designed for parents to read with their children, and for children to read on their own once they get older. Kids can continue the journey with our interactive mobile game that ties in with the books, as well as by using the Interstellar Guides to help reinforce what they have learned.

Book Series

Our books have three topic branches – Outer Space, the Human Body, and the Number Jungle - all designed with exciting and real images that are based on factual science to further your child’s exploration of our world.

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Discovery Rocket Game

Have your child blast off in the accompanying mobile game that allows them to play and learn on their own. Building on our book series, your child will gain further understanding of topics through interactive play.

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Interstellar Guides

Sign up for our Discovery Rocket Club to receive exclusive content and amazing, information-packed resources. When your child gets older, they can use these resources to continue learning on their own.

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What You Will Learn

Teaching big concepts to small kids has become more fun. Our first book in this educational series puts you and your child in the pilot's seat of the Discovery Rocket as you visit each planet in the solar system. In our next book, Rikki and the Rocket Twins will discover Digestion in the Human Body and in their third adventure, they will discover the different number tribes in the Number Jungle.

Meet Rikki, Tikki, and Timbo

These three friends are the stars of the Rikki and the Rockets franchise. Rikki and her magical Knowbie friends, twins Tikki and Timbo, will introduce your child to adventures in space, science, and math by discovering the fascinating world around us.

Tikki Rocket

With her patriotic red color and bright stars, Tikki is our responsible guide during our adventures. With the goal of learning as much as possible, Tikki also makes sure everyone keeps safe.

Rikki Learner

Rikki loves to look up at the Arizonan sky to see what amazing things are up there. Her mommy and daddy often tell her exciting stories at bedtime. This is what starts her adventures with the Rocket twins.

Timbo Rocket

With his blue and white stripes waving, Timbo makes sure our adventures are exciting and fun by doing zany things, like roasting pizza on the Sun or trying to skate on the rings of Saturn.

Discover More Adventures

Go deeper into space, explore the human body, and visit the number tribes as you and your child discover more adventures with Rikki and the Rocket Twins.


Built around real science and with amazing visuals, this adventure will let your child explore the universe with an introduction to the planets and space exploration.

  • Read the first book in the series!
  • Discover the Solar System’s planets
  • Explore the scientific mysteries of deep space
  • Travel through space in the amazing Discovery Rocket


Introduce your child to how their body works in this funny, age appropriate look as they navigate through their bodies with Rikki, Tikki, and Timbo.

  • Journey through the human body
  • Learn why certain foods are helpful or hurtful to the body
  • Discover how the body and brain work together


Welcome to the Number Jungle! Explore the different tribes of the Number Jungle as your child takes their first steps into learning about numbers and arithmetic.

  • Introduce your child to the Number Tribes
  • Children begin a journey into math and arithmetic
  • Learn what numbers do and why we need them

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Get the latest book in our series! Further the adventures by discovering the night sky, exploring the human body, or taking the first steps into arithmetic with these products in our Amazon Store.

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