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Our Solar System summary gives a brief overview of facts from each of our planetary interstellar guides, while each planetary guide focuses on one of the eight planets. Join the Discovery Rocket Club to receive a free digital copy of our Solar System Interstellar Guide. All of our guides come in sets of 10, with our first set focusing on the Solar System. New sets on the human body coming soon.

Welcome to the Solar System

Our first set of Interstellar Guides continues your child's journey through the Solar System,
introducing them to even more fun and interesting facts.

How big IS the Solar System? Answer this question and discover more about our Solar System with this quick overview. From the Sun to the dwarf planet of Pluto, get bite-sized facts, such as the distance of each planet from the Sun and how big they are.

Get even more information with an Interstellar Guide on each planet, from the hot temperatures of the Sun to the strange storms on Jupiter to the farthest regions of the dwarf planets. Bright images help to pinpoint the unique characteristics of each planet, building up the knowledge from both the books and the game.

Encyclopedia of the Future

The Internet is a great place for parents and children to research information, but now it's not the only place to reference that information. Our Interstellar Guides can be used as teaching resources for parents, educators and kids.

These Interstellar Guides provide factual data taken from reliable sources such as NASA, and are designed to be used with the Rikki and the Rocket Twins series on Outer Space, Human Body and Number Jungle.

Each guide is aligned with our books to become fun teaching tools for parents and educators, providing a well-rounded and character-driven experience. When it's time to sit down and study, older kids can use the guides as a quick data reference to further their knowledge and education.

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