Blast off to Adventure on
the Discovery Rocket

Travel through the Solar System as your child continues their learning adventure with this accompanying mobile game.

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Our mobile game provides even more learning opportunities for your child as they travel from the Sun to Mars with our free option. Future updates will allow your child to explore from the main Asteroid Belt to the Kuiper Belt.

Explore Our Solar System

Build your very own space suit for Mercury, pilot a Mars Rover, and defeat the UV monsters as your child explores the different planets of the Solar System.

Discover the volcanoes of Venus. Your child will learn how a volcano works, going through each of the levels from the magma chamber up to its eruption before exploring the surface of the planet in this level.

Each planet has two levels for children to play through, learning more about the unique characteristics of the planets and moving through their surfaces and atmospheres in a fun, interactive gameplay environment.

Build a Space Suit

Avoid obstacles on Mercury's surface, fly around on Venus, drift around Earth, and control a Mars Rover. Your child will be able to create their very own avatar, which will accompany them through their space journey.

Choose correct items to build your astronaut or Mars rover. Helpful instructions will teach kids about the needed items for astronauts and rovers in space, while also teaching planet facts.

Both free and paid levels build on the information learned from the book series and allow children to return to previous levels. As they progress through the book series and the game levels, children can unlock the new worlds of Human Body and Number Jungle for deeper understanding.

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