Give the Gift of
Learning to a Child

Help us launch younger kids into the adventure of learning science and math at an early age by donating our books or tablets to a charity of your choice

The Discovery Rocket Giving Program

The earlier kids are introduced to STEM education in a fun way, the more likely they are to explore science and math later in life. That's why we've created a giving program. Companies and individuals can gift our books at a discounted price ($7.50 instead of $9.95), as well as contribute to a tablet fund for charities in your area.

Featured Charities

We've chosen to start our new program with two charities close to our hearts. Head Start of the Greater Phoenix Urban League and the Boys & Girls Club of Metro Phoenix.

How it works

  • Just fill out the form below to get started. Be sure to list your name or business name, logo or photo, website URL, and optionally, a small description of your company. (all supplied content will be reviewed before printing)
  • Select how many books and tablets you would like to donate. There is a minimum of 10 books at the donation price of $7.50 per book. For tablets, the donation price is $98.00 for an Amazon Fire Tablet for kids. The price includes both the shipping, handling and delivery.
  • Choose your preferred charity. If you would like us to donate the books/tablets to your favorite charity or church please select "Other" and provide the full details of the organization in the message section of the form.
  • Someone will contact you via email to confirm your donation and arrange for the payment.
  • You will get an example of the personalization inside each book before your order is completed and shipped.
  • Once the order is arranged, the charity will be contacted and a donation receipt will be forwarded to you.

We will customize each book to include your name or company name, a brief description as well as a website URL (subject to review). We will handle the ordering and shipping and pass on the donation receipt to you once we receive it from the charity (where applicable). All donations will be done on your behalf.

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