Let’s All Go to the World of Know!

Discover the Home of Knowbie Friends

Written by on October 10, 2016.

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Welcome to the World of Know! This is where all the Knowbie friends live and where they learn about other places, lands, and worlds, like yours. Oh, you have never heard of the World of Know? Well, come with me and we will explore it together!

The Lands of Know

The World of Know is made up of many different lands, much like your own world. These worlds are where Knowbie friends can take children, just like you, on great adventures. There are many lands in the World of Know. Let’s go learn about some of them!

Outer Space Land

Outer Space Land is where Knowbie friends go to learn more about space. This land is full of stars, planets, asteroids, comets, and more. Knowbies can travel through the land with their friends, learning about the universe. The universe is so big, Knowbies and their friends have many adventures in this land because there is so much to explore and discover.

Human Body Land

Human Body Land is where Knowbie friends go to learn more about the human body. Knowbie friends find humans very interesting and like to learn more about them. This land is all about how the body works, like where does your food go after you have eaten it and how your brain works.

The Number Jungle

The Number Jungle is an incredible land. Full of trees, green grass, and sunny skies, this is the land where the number tribes live. There are many number tribes – the Additions love to add many things to their homes and things, while the Decimals use decimal points in everything they do.

Knowbie Friends

Now, Knowbie friends are those who live in the World of Know. You might be familiar with our most popular Knowbie friends – Tikki and Timbo Rocket. But they are not the only Knowbie friends that go on adventures. Cornelis the White Blood Cell lives in Human Body Land and he enjoys taking his friends on a tour through the human body.

Another Knowbie friend is Davi the capybara. Davi lives in the Number Jungle and he is friends with many of the number tribes. Davi takes his friends through the jungle, introducing them to the different number tribes.

There is of course one Knowbie friend who isn’t a friend at all. His name is Prof. No Know.

Professor No Know

Professor No Know lives in the World of Know, but we don’t know which land he lives in. Professor No Know does not like it when Knowbie friends travel to worlds outside of the World of Know and he does not like when they take their human friends along on adventures.

Professor No Know does not want anyone to know about things. Whenever people have questions, the professor will step in to try to stop the person from learning the answer. Why? No one really knows.